Peking University Cancer Hospital (three other titles — Beijing Cancer Hospital, Beijing Institute for Cancer Research, and Peking University School of Oncology — refer to the same entity) ranks among the China's top academic cancer centers. Its physicians provide the highest quality of health care throughout the hospital and its faculty members responsible for translational research are respected for their dedication to teaching and training.
          Peking University Cancer Hospital physicians provide patient-oriented medical services in a wide variety of cancer specialties treating gastric cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, esophageal carcinoma, lymphoma, melanoma, and much more. Our team consists of a group of experts from different disciplines including oncology (cancer medicine), surgeons, radiology, and pathology.
          At Peking University Cancer Hospital, research into the basic oncologic process and clinical investigation on specific cancer diseases go hand in hand. Investigations into cancer epidemiology, etiology, genetics, oncogenesis, pathogenesis and experimental therapeutics and many other fields keep Peking University Cancer Hospital at the forefront of biomedical research, driving the discoveries that lead to new ways to prevent and treat cancer.